Manufacturing Growth in the New Year

As we approach the start of 2014, it is becoming more and more apparent that economic growth will continue into the New Year.  This is exciting for both the economy at large, and individuals, as more personal debt has been paid off, and more credit is becoming available.  The overall growth is anticipated to be around 2%, but within particular specialized industries, it will be as large as 10%, an increase that will positively affect the economy in many ways.

This is particularly exciting because manufacturing production was experiencing downward mobility earlier this year, but, by now, there is much hope to be had for a few specific reasons:

·         Forecasts of growth in the future
·         Positive indicators within the economy
·         New regulatory policy

After taking these factors into consideration, it became clear that the industry is in for an upward climb, and this means more work and presumably more funds available for the corporate and personal worlds within American manufacturing. In fact, the past six months serve as an excellent precursor to the forecasted success of next year, because we have been experiencing consistently improved PMI indexes.  Although these increases have not been huge, they have been consistent, and point to more growth as we continue through this year, and in to the next.  As operations and technology are both improved, this growth can only continue.  The only downside is that due to increased manufacturing, the freight shipping industry is becoming a little overwhelmed.  However, this capacity issue can be combatted, and in the end, the growth is overwhelmingly positive. 

Beyond the economic growth of manufacturing, this next year also will yield great improvements within the industry.  From improved capacity to materials, to new ways of management and operations, this growth also indicates an increase in quality for both manufacturers themselves and others on the chain of supply and demand.  The future looks bright for manufacturing this next year as growth and improvement continue.



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