As we approach the start of 2014, it is becoming more and more apparent that economic growth will continue into the New Year.  This is exciting for both the economy at large, and individuals, as more personal debt has been paid off, and more credit is becoming available.  The overall growth is anticipated to be around 2%, but within particular specialized industries, it will be as large as 10%, an increase that will positively affect the economy in many ways.

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 The bottom line is that every business has a deadline. The fashion industry has a constant need to recognize what styles, designs, and items of clothing are in and out of style. They have to keep up with what is popular or they will fall behind, which can be costly. The best way to prevent this is to outsource to a third party logistics, or 3PL. Here are a few reasons why.


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 With the rise of the Internet, more and more industries are moving a lot of the market online. This change has brought about a chain reaction into a wide variety of different tactics that companies have begun to make in many different locations. The biggest change is most likely the shift from regular sales in store to more of a focus on E-commerce or online sales.

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When it comes to getting your logistic services together there is no better place to go than a 3PL provider. These firms often offer integrated services that can speed up and overall enhance the reliability and consistency in transportation. Transportation, warehousing, inventory management, packaging and freighting are all a part of services that many 3PL providers offer.

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