New year. New talent. Same formula for high-efficiency apparel supply chain management.

Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, we’ve never been shy about what we think is our biggest strength: Our heart and soul. Our heroes. Our determined, innovative, supracali-ultra-duper-fantastic people.

No really, there just aren’t enough superlatives in ten Merriam-Websters to say enough about our employees.

So say hello to the newest member of our unmatched apparel supply chain management team: Juree Kim, our fantastic new Senior Manager of Strategic Client Solutions.

Juree-Picture.jpgJuree is bringing with her 14 years of experience of helping some of the nation’s most respected and successful retailers improve their apparel logistics. Her impressive credentials include clients such as Nordstrom, Macy's, Kohl's, Nieman Marcus, Dillard's, JcPenney and more. She’s worked in just about every angle of the industry as well, from the managerial side to the customer side to logistical and consulting positions. And along the way, she’s dug a seemingly bottomless well of experience and expertise, including (deep breath) vendor-managed inventory programs, transportation management, apparel merchandising, apparel inventory control, apparel value added services, and foreign trade zone logistics (exhale).

You can see why we’re excited to have her.

In other words, of the core factors that give us the ability to provide unmatched 3PL services for your company, Juree embodies all of them:


Apparel supply chains are so varied, so subtle and so complex these days that there’s simply no substitute for experience. You can’t learn how to navigate one -- or help clients make their’s easier to navigate -- from a book.

Relationships with retailers

We know their needs. We know their demands. We know their subtle tastes and unspoken expectations. And we know how to use third party logistics services to get your garments onto their shelves. How? Team-members like Juree, who have worked with all the retail heavyweights.

Breadth of skill

Apparel supply chains are long, and there’s no shortage of places along the way where it can get tangled up. Forgive the cliche, but we really do believe a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It’s unrealistic to expect apparel companies to be masters of every section of their supply chain, but third party logistics expertise requires us to be able to respond to any need anywhere on that chain with unmatched expertise.

Team members like Juree have both an intimate understanding of each link on apparel supply chains as well as a tight grasp on how it all fits together to serve clients’ end goals.

Welcome, Juree. We’re thrilled that you’ve joined us.

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