Supply chain disruptions can cause so much damage that about 80 percent of companies around the world place a priority on protecting them more effectively. That damage, however, isn't a certainty. There are ways for companies to continue operating efficiently even when they experience disruptions. In fact, disruptions could provide an opportunity for you to learn more about your supply chain and how to match your customers' needs. [More...]
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Finding the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider is an important part of making sure your organization can operate efficiently. However, the work doesn't end when you find a 3PL that matches your needs. Instead, you need to take a long-term approach to improving and optimizing your 3PL relationship. This will help ensure you always have the services you need to stay competitive.

Detail Your Expectations

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For the past several years, the growth of e-commerce has handily outpaced that of brick-and-mortar stores. The meteoric rise of e-commerce has prompted speculation that we're among a fundamental shift from physical to digital retail. In the United States alone, e-commerce is a $304.9 billion a year enterprise, growing by about 17 percent a year as of 2014. That e-commerce is on the rise is probably not news to you, but what you may not know is what specifically is fueling that explosion. Here are the locations and businesses driving the e-commerce phenomenon. [More...]
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Gone are the days of linear supply chains centered on the product. Today's digitally driven consumers are more empowered and demanding than ever, and supply chains have had to adapt to stay competitive. Instead of using a product-oriented, "push" supply chain system, companies have begun building "pull" supply chains backwards from the customer. This new supply chain paradigm manages demand instead of simply responding to it, welcomes innovation, and forms a global supply network. The new customer-centric supply chain model has exciting implications for the future of logistics. [More...]
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