Truck Driver Shortage

 There are few businesses these days that have more jobs than applicants.  People are becoming desperate to get any job they can.  But there certainly appears to be a limit.  Some jobs are simply not worth it.  This is what is happening in the trucking business.  With average turnover rates hovering around %100 and trucking companies stuck with more business than they can handle, they are facing a serious problem.

The Problem

So what is the problem?  It’s no big secret.  Bad hours and bad money equals bad recruitment and retention.  No one wants to be paid poorly for doing a job that keeps you away from your family for weeks at a time.  Even government regulations (set in place to improve safety and quality) cut down on the time truckers are allowed to drive, cutting down their pay and efficiency.  Again, these problems lead to both retention problems and recruiting problems – the two things trucking companies rely on to survive.   

The Solution

What is the proper solution?  A lot of companies offer a sign-up bonus and offer to pay for driving school (which can be thousands of dollars).  Helping new drivers get started off well has worked decently as a recruiting tactic.  However, it hasn’t done much for retention.  Drivers keep jumping ship to work for other companies that pay better and offer better schedules.  The solution seems to be clear.  Pay the drivers more for their work.  Everyone knows it, everyone says it, but very few do it. 

The Other Problem

The other problem the trucking industry faces is its uncertain future.  Many stores are moving away from traditional trucking and towards trains and other means of transport.  On the one hand, this switch doesn’t bother upcoming drivers (there will always be a demand for truckers).  However, it could slow down the job improvement changes committed/experienced drivers are looking for.       

Moral of the story – the trucking business is in a wishy-washy mess.  What do you think should be done?  Comment below and share your thoughts!


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