From Raw Material to Your Back: Your Clothing’s Journey

 It is easy to imagine that your clothing’s journey begins at a department store, and ends on your back, or in your hamper, but, in reality, your clothes have many steps on their way to your back, and many of these steps are surprisingly difficult.  Beyond the many locations in the world where our clothing is produced, there are many steps in the production that we often don’t think about.  Communication between various countries, for example, is extremely important for the successful production of any item, and for that, we rely on Logistics companies.

Customers are certainly a top priority for manufacturers, but they have many relationships that they must honor in order to get their clothing on the shelves and into your home.  In the process of creating clothing, there are many groups of individuals involved. We have,

·         Production Workers and Companies

·         Apparel Companies

·         Manufacturers

·         Distributers

·         Venders

·         Customers

As the clothes you wear move from person to person (and company to company) there are many levels of communication that must be fulfilled, in addition to the necessity of producing, shipping, and selling materials.  And beyond the actual process of creating and selling products, there are also tariffs and trade agreements that need to be satisfied and met.  The combination of all processes required for you to wear your designer jeans is complicated and requires the cooperation of individuals at many levels.

Dealing with supply chains can be extremely challenging, and for this reason, the use of an apparel logistics company becomes imperative.  Their job is to make the process much smoother and to facilitate communication and cooperation between the different steps in the manufacturing process.  Without these companies, manufacturers run into many issues that deter their product from ever entering the market.  As they ensure that all communication is effective, they decrease the likelihood of misunderstanding, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of the process.


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