Apparel Outsourcing Accounting: Accuracy, Compliance and Peace of Mind

apparel accounting outsourcingAt The Apparel Logistics Group, the goal of our apparel third party logistics services (3PL) is to make it easy for companies to:
  • Be lean
  • Operate confidently
  • Offload the headaches and complications to us
For example, many apparel companies simply have no need for a dedicated, full-time accountant or accounting staff. Our3PL services includes apparel accounting outsourcing. This allows companies to lower their overhead costs and free up funds better invested in new talent, new product lines or new machinery.

Any seasoned businessperson knows the perils of sloppy accounting. In the apparel industry, where supply chains often stretch around the globe and back a couple times, poor accounting carries risks of even heavier consequences. It’s not unusual for companies to find themselves lost in the tangled world of import and export laws, duties, taxes, exchange rates, and other unexpected costs of doing international business.

Beyond just accurate books and sound business practices, our accounting services have proven to be reliably accurate and thorough. The apparel companies we serve are fit, financially sound, and fully in compliance with all government rules and regulations, including confusing FTZ guidelines, trade laws and import restrictions.

Our complete range of apparel accounting services includes:
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Invoicing
  • Customer statements
  • Collections
  • Dispute resolution
  • Credit reporting
  • Cash application
  • Payment investigation
  • Monthly account maintenance
  • New vendor setup
  • Generation of financial statements
Plus, as an added advantage, our roots run deep in apparel industry, so we even understand the accounting quirks and confusions specific to this unique industry. This means: No mistakes. No errors. Just accuracy and peace of mind -- one more link in your apparel supply chain removed from your company's worries.

Contact our apparel supply chain management specialists to learn more. We’re ready to help.
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