A year ago, thousands upon thousands of t-shirts celebrating the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl triumph were donated to impoverished communities around the world. It was a nice, charitable gesture -- unless, of course, you’re a fan of the Super Bowl’s actual winners: the Green Bay Packers.

Each year, approximately 200,000 t-shirts are designed, manufactured, imported, and shipped around the United States to be ready for sale as soon as a Super Bowl victor is crowned. Of course, event the most insightful market research can’t predict which team’s fans will be in a winning (i.e. memorabilia-buying) mood after the big game, and even the most efficient apparel supply chain management can’t reduce speed-to-market to the, oh, blink of an eye needed to delay production until the game has already ended. [More...]
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At The Apparel Logistics Group, the goal of our apparel third party logistics services (3PL) is to make it easy for companies to:
  • Be lean
  • Operate confidently
  • Offload the headaches and complications to us
For example, many apparel companies simply have no need for a dedicated, full-time accountant or accounting staff. Our 3PL services includes apparel accounting outsourcing. This allows companies to lower their overhead costs and free up funds better invested in new talent, new product lines or new machinery.
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Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, we’ve never been shy about what we think is our biggest strength: Our heart and soul. Our heroes. Our determined, innovative, supracali-ultra-duper-fantastic people.

No really, there just aren’t enough superlatives in ten Merriam-Websters to say enough about our employees. 

So say hello to the newest member of our unmatched apparel supply chain management team: Juree Kim, our fantastic new Senior Manager of Strategic Client Solutions.

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