Let's say you finally found that perfect dress — the sort that could make you shine, that you had vaguely conceived in mind already that wouldn't quite come into focus (and that you wouldn't know where to buy even if it did). There it is, even better than you had imagined, right in front of you, less than a foot from your face … in a picture posted on some celebrity blog now splayed alluringly across your screen. If only there was a way to find out on which website you could have a dress just like it of your very own with just a few clicks and a credit card.

Check out The Hunt, a new online community that "tracks down the items you covet but don't know where to find."

In other words, The Hunt allows you to find just about any boots, blouses or bloomers you see in, say, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest photos. Or at least that's its goal. Just post a photo of whatever garment you're seeking, and fellow fashionistas on the site will help you find it. In fact, they might even unearth less-expensive versions (especially handy for celebrity duds spotted on the red carpet or by the paparazzi).

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There's been a mild resurgence of manufacturing activity taking place, of all places, in California over the past few years. If when you think of the state you think of it primarily as the Golden State - a place defined by its beaches, its vineyards, its idyllic weather or its unparalleled entertainment industry, this might make sense. Who wouldn't want to be based there? If you think of California as a place plagued by sky-high living and labor costs, heavy regulatory burdens and other hurdles to doing business, the manufacturing revival might be more surprising.

But sure enough, many companies are indeed happily setting up shop on the West Coast . This fact highlights an important aspect of apparel logistics:

Sometimes, labor costs are the most important factor driving decisions about where to set up shop - but not always. Take Tesla, for example , the electric car manufacturer that builds its wares in the Bay Area:

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