The Importance of Shipping The Perfect Apparel Order

We live in an imperfect world, but that doesn't mean perfection is unattainable. In fact, striving for perfection helps you deliver what your customers deserve. With the rise of online shopping, shipping is one area where perfection breeds success.

How Do You Ship the Perfect Apparel Order?

apparel shipping orders

When you're striving for perfect orders, what are you striving for? The order should contain the right items in the quantities, sizes, prints, and colors your customer ordered.

Orders should also be delivered in a timely fashion. If your website states expected delivery times for consumers, then the order must arrive within them. When shipping to retailers, deliveries should arrive quickly enough so there's always stock on the floor. If you promise delivery within a certain timeframe to your B2B clients, goods shouldn't arrive later.

Shipping the Perfect Order Builds Brand Loyalty and Saves You Money

Shipping matters to consumers. Nearly half of shoppers say they'd be less likely or much less likely to buy from a retailer if it missed its promised delivery date during the holiday season. While delivery during this time of the year is understandably critical, there are other dates your consumers won't want missed. When they're buying a special outfit for a wedding, party, or another event, it had better arrive on time. Slow delivery to retailers can mean you'll miss vital apparel sales opportunities because your stock isn't on their racks.

Shoppers also take order accuracy seriously. More than 35 percent of consumers say they wouldn't buy from an online store again if their order contained just a single packaging error. If the retailer sends three incorrect items, 91.8 percent of consumers won't shop with the company again .

Get it right, though, and your customers will thank you for it. Consistent perfection breeds trust. When consumers know they can get what they want when they want it from you, the orders will continue rolling in. If you don't, your failings are likely to hurt your bottom line.

When you send the wrong order, you'll spend more money getting the wrong goods back and sending the right ones. This means you'll potentially pay three times the amount for each wrong order, not to mention the potential cost of lost customers.

How a Third-Party Logistics Provider Can Help

A reliable third-party logistics (3PL) provider can take some of the pressure off your business by helping you ship those perfect orders. The best 3PL providers will store your goods at their warehouses, monitor stock levels so they know when to ship goods to retailers, and ship products quickly and affordably to B2B and B2C clients. When selecting a 3PL, look for a firm with good, clear processes for ensuring compliance and handling shipping problems. Should a problem arise, your 3PL should be able to identify it quickly, communicate the situation to you, and solve the issue promptly.

Shipping the perfect apparel order isn't just important, it's essential for building brand loyalty and improving your bottom line. Perfection can be difficult for businesses to achieve, but perfection in shipping is attainable when you partner with the right 3PL provider. Request a consultation with The Apparel Logistics Group to learn why we're the right 3PL provider for your needs.

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