Production Costs Related to Fast Fashion

We live in the age of fast fashion, a time where garments move from the catwalk to the hands of consumers quickly. Fashionistas love wearing the latest trends, but those trends soon undergo replacement when the next big thing comes along. Modern consumers buy 400 percent more clothing than they did 30 years ago. Fast fashion typically brings greater production costs to apparel firms, but they must play the game or risk being left behind.

How Fast Fashion Increases Apparel Company Production Costs

Fast fashion means apparel brands must produce more new clothes more often. It's common for labels to release new clothes every week or even more often. That means more raw materials and more labor to turn them into garments for the waiting style-conscious masses. It's not hard to see then how fast fashion means increased production costs for clothing brands.

The cost of raw materials is also increasing. Climate change has brought unpredictable weather patterns such as droughts and hurricanes, which can take a toll on crops like cotton and bamboo. When these crops suffer, the price of the materials increases. Apparel companies could source cheaper materials, and in the world of fast fashion, many do. However, they wouldn't have the same longevity and quality their customers expect. Therefore, most clothing firms would prefer to accept higher production costs in the fast fashion environment rather than compromise their quality.

Fast Fashion Firms Must Have Nimble Logistics

Creating fashion goods fast is useless if you can't get the products into the hands of waiting consumers quickly. Therefore, it's vital that modern fashion firms focus on nimble logistics processes. Ideally, the same data-integrated processes and technology that helps them speed up the design and manufacturing processes can also help accelerate order fulfillment processes. However, this isn't always the case. Some companies find they're spending a lot more to get their fast fashions to market quickly.

Partner With a Trusted 3PL

Partnering with an apparel third-party logistics provider can be a great solution for companies stressed with meeting the demand for fast fashion. Third-party logistics providers can help fashion firms find cost-effective solutions that can save money in the long term without compromising the customer experience.

For example, The Apparel Logistics Group receives electronic packing lists prepared by its client factories detailing everything en route to its fulfillment center. Each carton we process has a unique bar code, so our automation can move it quickly to the right location. Nimble automated processing through the fulfillment center means our clients' apparel gets to stores and direct to consumers quickly, affordably, and accurately.

The fashion world has become more fast-paced than ever before. While it can be costly and carry some risk, there are also great rewards for apparel companies who can keep up with consumer demand. This involves considering not just making design and manufacturing more efficient, but also improving fulfillment and warehouse processes.

If you're struggling to keep pace in the fast fashion world, you need a third-party logistics provider who can help you keep up. With more than 30 years of experience in supply chain outsourcing, with a special focus on fashion, we understand what your business needs. Complete our consultation form online to learn more about how we can serve you.

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