We live in an imperfect world, but that doesn't mean perfection is unattainable. In fact, striving for perfection helps you deliver what your customers deserve. With the rise of online shopping, shipping is one area where perfection breeds success.

How Do You Ship the Perfect Apparel Order?

When you're striving for perfect orders, what are you striving for? The order should contain the right items in the quantities, sizes, prints, and colors your customer ordered.

Orders should also be delivered in a timely fashion. If your website states expected delivery times for consumers, then the order must arrive within them. When shipping to retailers, deliveries should arrive quickly enough so there's always stock on the floor. If you promise delivery within a certain timeframe to your B2B clients, goods shouldn't arrive later.

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We live in the age of fast fashion, a time where garments move from the catwalk to the hands of consumers quickly. Fashionistas love wearing the latest trends, but those trends soon undergo replacement when the next big thing comes along. Modern consumers buy 400 percent more clothing than they did 30 years ago. Fast fashion typically brings greater production costs to apparel firms, but they must play the game or risk being left behind.

How Fast Fashion Increases Apparel Company Production Costs

Fast fashion means apparel brands must produce more new clothes more often. It's common for labels to release new clothes every week or even more often. That means more raw materials and more labor to turn them into garments for the waiting style-conscious masses. It's not hard to see then how fast fashion means increased production costs for clothing brands.

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