For retailers, the holidays often bring a huge spike in sales, which can improve cash flow significantly. However, after everyone opens their gifts and writes their thank-you cards, some people return their gifts because they want something different or because they received duplicate items. How you handle holiday returns in your supply chain can impact your financial health in the new year.

Reduce the Chance for Return Fraud

Unfortunately, consumers don't always return legitimate products. Retailers have discovered trash in returned boxes and other examples of fraud. Using reverse logistics, you can cut down on return fraud and maximize revenue.

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In the apparel industry, companies often run themselves into the red because of supply chain issues. Unfortunately, many otherwise healthy businesses must shutter their doors, but if you use an apparel third-party logistics provider, or 3PL, you can save money and improve your company's future prospects.

Reduce Labor Costs

Hiring staff for the entire supply chain can easily drain your corporate bank account. Between salaries, benefits, training, and oversight, employees take a significant bite out of your profits. A 3PL can reduce labor costs by handling the logistics for you. From managing the warehouse to overseeing transportation and inventory, 3PLs give your bank account a break and allow you to funnel cash into revenue-generating projects.

Additionally, you won't have to expend as much time on supply chain issues. Your 3PL partner can handle shipment delays, inventory control, packaging, accounting, and more. While your 3PL takes over the supply chain, you can focus on growing your apparel business organically. It's a matter of opportunity cost. You'll pay a 3PL partner to handle your apparel supply chain, but you get the opportunity to generate more revenue.

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Cyber Monday 2016 will be the largest online shopping day on record, according to the experts at Adobe Digital Insights. Online sales of $3.36 billion are expected, a 9.4 percent increase on 2015 figures. As an e-tailer, you're probably already ramping up your marketing efforts to claim a slice of the shopping pie, but have you considered how your third-party logistics (3PL) will cope with the increased demand? Does your 3PL have what it takes to perform during this busy period?

Are the Staff Cross-Trained?

Cross-training teaches staff to perform in numerous roles across the business. When 3PLs cross-train their staff, they can step into roles where there is the greatest need and excel. This is crucial during busy periods, such as the days after Cyber Monday, when a larger number of orders than usual must be fulfilled in a timely, accurate fashion. If your apparel 3PL doesn't cross-train its staff, customers may receive incorrect deliveries or experience delays.

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Both online and offline apparel retailers face several challenges when it comes to inventory and supply chain management. If you over-order a product, you're stuck with inventory you can't sell, which can eventually bankrupt your business. Conversely, if you fail to order enough stock, your customers will migrate to competitors when the dreaded "sold out" sign appears on your website or your shelf becomes empty.

A virtual apparel warehouse can make order fulfillment far more effective. It addresses both issues simultaneously and allows you to conserve time between the warehouse and your customers' closets.

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