Speeding Up the Supply Chain Through Fast Fashion

Today's consumers expect apparel retailers to offer them fashionable products at low prices. Some of the industry's most successful retail stores focus on meeting those expectations through fast fashion. This approach has changed the way that companies find success in domestic and international markets.

If you want your business to take advantage of fast fashion's benefits, you will need to understand how you can improve your supply chain.

Designing New Clothes Quickly

Fast fashion relies on getting the latest clothing from runways to retail stores — the faster, the better.

Top companies like H&M and Forever 21 have largely succeeded because they are able to follow trends that debut at events such as Fashion Week. Shortly after the world's most famous designers release new styles, fast fashion retailers have distilled the concepts into clothing intended for average people.

While this has created some intellectual property lawsuits , there is no doubt that retailers come out ahead by replicating styles from fashion houses.

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The Fast-Fashion Supply Chain

The success of fast fashion also relies on low prices. Keeping prices as low as possible not only helps consumers buy more items, but it also turns shopping into a recreational activity.

While some stores struggle to cut costs, others have developed supply chains that make it relatively easy for them to match consumer demand while keeping overhead low.

Look at the labels of clothes that come from fast-fashion stores, and you will find that most items are manufactured in Asia, where the cost of materials and labor are considerably lower than those in the United States and Europe.

Connections in the Fast-Fashion Industry

Retail stores have a few options when building their fast-fashion supply chains. A few companies take on the arduous task of making their own connections with designers, suppliers, and manufacturers. However, many recognize they can actually spend less money by hiring a third-party business to do much of this work for them.

By contracting with a company that controls a supplier and a manufacturing center, stores can cut costs without sacrificing quality.

In this respect, fast fashion is all about making connections in the industry. Those that can make connections with reliable, low-cost manufacturers have a better chance at success than those who have not learned to shorten their supply chains.

Getting the Most out of Fast Fashion

While speeding up the supply chain through fast-fashion practices can result in greater success, there are plenty of companies that simply have not found ways to do this well.

The Apparel Logistics Group is one third-party service provider that can make fast fashion work. Some of the most important services offered by the Dallas-based company include:

  • Apparel supply-chain management
  • Distribution
  • Inventory control
  • Quality controls

By using these services, you help ensure that your store has affordable, high-quality clothing that customers want to buy.

Fast fashion can boost your business's success, but only when you find a company that can help you speed up your supply chain without sacrificing quality. Request a consultation with Apparel Logistics to learn how you can start benefiting as soon as possible.

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