Inventory Modeling Leads to a Winning Strategy

Logistics companies use data to help their clients make smart inventory choices. Without this level of assistance, retailers of all sizes can make small mistakes with big repercussions. Something as simple as having too much of an item in stock can put financial pressure on your business.

The Apparel Logistics Group offers inventory modeling services to help your business develop winning strategies that can boost sales, lower costs, and lead to success.

Inventory Modeling Lowers Costs

Purchasing products for inventory obviously cost money. Businesses, however, often forget that the cost of inventory goes beyond the purchase price. Everything from storage space to accessibility can increase inventory costs.

This makes it important for retailers to manage their inventories in the best ways possible. This often means minimizing the number of items kept in warehouses. Instead of letting items sit for long periods, they should be out where customers can buy them.

The Apparel Logistics Group has software that makes it easier to maximize sales while minimizing inventory. That way, you don't waste resources on items that sit in storage. Instead, you have the apparel that your customers want to buy.

Anticipating Increased and Decreased Sales

Like most industries, clothing companies go through periods of increased and decreased sales. Not surprisingly, sales tend to increase just before the holidays. In 2014, sales climbed from $21,068 billion in September to $21,690 billion in November.

This industry trend is fairly easy to anticipate. When it comes to a specific company, though, it becomes more complicated, especially when that company needs to ensure it has a steady flow of merchandise from its manufacturers to its customers.

Apparel Logistics Group uses inventory modeling to anticipate sales trends within your business. If there is ever an unexpected change in your sales patterns, you can use Apparel Logistics' proprietary software to manage your inventory manually.

Inventory Modeling Improves Customer Services

Supply-chain snags can cripple your business's customer services. Today's consumers do not want to wait more than a few days to receive their orders. According to a survey conducted by UPS, one in three shoppers feels that timely delivery is an important factor in whether they are satisfied with their purchases.

Without inventory modeling, there is a chance your business will not have items ready to ship. At best, that will cause a slight delay that shoppers may not notice. At worst, it could force you to contact customers to tell them their items are on backorder. If that happens, you can expect to lose customers. The negative effects are practically immeasurable.

Inventory modeling can offer advantages that will help your business thrive. Whether you sell products through an e-commerce site or a brick-and-mortar store, it helps to have greater control over your inventory. To learn more about Apparel Logistics Group's inventory services, fill out this form to request a consultation. A representative will contact you within one to three days to make sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for your business.

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