The global economy gives companies in the United States plenty of opportunities to keep prices low. As the world changes, some countries are becoming more important to the apparel industry. While this could help companies lower their prices, the advantages come with some risks.

Countries That Play Important Roles in Apparel

China manufactures more clothes for the United States than any other country. Over the next few years, industry experts expect companies to rely less on China, as they search for opportunities in other countries.

Some countries that could eclipse China as the largest clothing manufacturer include:

  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Bangladesh

These countries already have plenty of production facilities. In fact, Vietnam is currently the second-largest clothing manufacturer for U.S. stores.

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Logistics companies use data to help their clients make smart inventory choices. Without this level of assistance, retailers of all sizes can make small mistakes with big repercussions. Something as simple as having too much of an item in stock can put financial pressure on your business.

The Apparel Logistics Group offers inventory modeling services to help your business develop winning strategies that can boost sales, lower costs, and lead to success.

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Some apparel companies spend so much time trying to streamline their supply chains that they forget the importance of reverse logistics. Whether your business sells clothing online or in a brick-and-mortar store, you must pay attention to reverse logistics. It is a crucial part of the supply chain that you should not overlook.

The High Cost of Returns

Many companies have built their reputations on lenient return policies, but those policies have damaging effects, especially when they include the cost of shipping.

According to some estimates, consumers return a third of the items they buy online. Such a high level of returns significantly increases processing costs. If nothing else, those returns force companies to hire more employees to handle the heavy volume.

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Today's consumers expect apparel retailers to offer them fashionable products at low prices. Some of the industry's most successful retail stores focus on meeting those expectations through fast fashion. This approach has changed the way that companies find success in domestic and international markets.

If you want your business to take advantage of fast fashion's benefits, you will need to understand how you can improve your supply chain.

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