3PL: Building a Relationship with Your Manufacturer beyond Your Freight rates

Although the main responsibility of 3PLs has long been the delivery and storage of products, in recent days these companies have shown they have much more to offer.  The only problem with these new offerings is that many companies who use 3PLs simply don’t know what is available.

Because of these new offerings, it is becoming even more important for manufacturers and 3PLs to share strong relationships. 

The Apparel Logistics Group makes it their priority to build relationships with all of the manufacturers they work with, and here are a few benefits of those relationships for manufacturers.

Greater 3PL Responsibility

As 3PLs continue to progress, many of them are expanding their connection with the manufacturers.  Instead of simply taking charge of the physical transportation of manufacturer’s products, these companies are taking on the added responsibility of managing the demand and replacement aspects of disbursement.

3PLs are in a particularly convenient place to provide this management because of their position working directly with manufacturer’s products.

Manufacturer and 3PL Collaboration

Instead of simply relying on your 3PL to transport your products, a more beneficial situation is to truly collaborate with your logistics company. 

If you choose to build a strong relationship and collaborate, you and your 3PL will each be able to bring your expertise to the table, which will result in greater success and a productive exchange of ideas and strategies.

Shared Green Concerns

Green practices are becoming more and more important within the business world, and if you invest in a greater relationship with your 3PL, you can work together to sustain green practices.

This cooperation will not only help to relieve and improve the negative impact of distribution on the world, but will also impress potential customers.

A Competitive Edge

When manufacturers and 3PLs work together, it truly increases the potential for success and gives both companies a competitive edge.  A Solid relationship with your 3PL could be exactly what your company needs to overcome your competition.

There is so much more to 3PLs than simply moving product from point A to Point B, so don’t neglect your relationship with your 3PL. Contact The Apparel Logistics Group today for more information.


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