3 Tells of an ineffectual 3PL

Much like in every industry, there is a great deal of difference between 3PL providers.  Every company will be a little different, and their strategies will vary as well.

And although these different approaches can all lead to success, there are also some practices are truly inefficient. Here are three of the most inefficient practices that are often misunderstood within the 3PL industry.

A Resistance to Change

Many 3PL companies believe old practices are still efficient in the modern day.  However, with the continual improvement of technology, some traditional practices are becoming less efficient.

To be successful, 3PLs have to embrace changes in the industry and adapt their practices to changing technology.

Reliance on Old Technology

In the 3PL industry, keeping on schedule is imperative.  And though old technology worked in the past, newer technology can streamline process and save time and energy.  More efficient work results in better practices and a better use of the budget.

Poor Workflow

3PL companies require many small pieces working together in a continual process.  If any of these jobs are done ineffectually, it will slow down the entire supply chain, causing inefficiency, and may result in a loss of business and money over time.

Understanding the pitfalls of the 3PL industry can help you find the best company to work with as you strive to be successful.  Visit the Apparel Logistic Group website for more information.

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