4 Lies You Tell Yourself that You Don’t Need to Change Your 3PL

 As humans, it’s natural to give ourselves reasons and justifications for not doing what we know we should do. 

When you hire the right 3PL, however, your company can instantly access new markets in a flash.  Your revenues only stand to benefit, so if you don’t have one, or if you think there’s a better one out there, it’s wise to make a change. 

Some justifications you may use to keep your current 3PL company even though you know it’s a good idea to make a change include:

1.       “It costs too much to switch.”  You may have negotiated yourself an excellent price.  However, have you shopped that price around?  It’s not all about price when it comes to 3PLs, but you can use the current pricing and service you have to attempt to get a better deal out there.

2.      “My customers will have to take on these costs.” Your customers will tolerate some cost raises here and there, but they’ll only go so far.  If they can find a cheaper alternative somewhere, however, they’ll go to it eventually if you continue to raise your prices. 

3.      “My staff can do the job just as good as the 3PL.”  You may pay your staff well, but if you’re a small business, you may be asking your employees to take on tasks outside of their core competencies.  All small businesses have to do this at times, but the more you can allow your employees to focus on their strengths, the more effective they’ll be.  In addition, your 3PL has its own experience and specialization in shipping and logistics.  Your business will function better when all staff and vendors can focus their time on what they really do well.

4.      “Business is slow right now and I don’t want to make any changes.”  Every business goes through down times, and even though the economy is a challenge for most businesses right now, a good 3PL can benefit you by keeping shipping prices down.  A good 3PL has the relationships you need in place to help you through both good times and bad.

If You Need to Search for a 3PL…

Now is always the best time to continue looking for a better relationship.  If you need a 3PL that specializes in clothing, contact The Apparel Logistics Group and let us know how we can help.  

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