‘Tis the Season for Apparel Quality Control

Apparel Quality ControlAs we mentioned last week, the bulk of America’s annual shopping itch gets scratched during those mad weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And getting the right product in front of the right, harried shopper who simply knows your hip leather jacket or leggings or lederhosen (I’m sure there’s a market for those somewhere) is exactly the right thing for that special someone requires top-notch apparel supply chain management and reindeer-like speed-to-market.

But the only thing worse than missing this window of ravishing retail bliss is to make it to markets on time, have your products packaged neatly beneath trees across America... and then find them stuck in return lines at the stores from whence they came.

Simply put, speed-to-market is wasted when apparel quality can’t be kept high. Even Santa would find himself drastically bleeding marketshare if he quit paying attention to quality control.

According to the National Retail Foundation, four out of ten holiday shoppers return at least one gift each holiday season. More than 60 percent of gift-givers now include a gift receipt with anything they give, partly due to the increasingly common expectation of potential quality issues. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like hedging your gift-giving bets, right?

Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, we’re proud to offer a full range of apparel quality control services among our third party logistics services, including:

  • Apparel inspection services in accordance with all Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standards
  • Specification measuring
  • Apparel returns processing
  • Heat transferring or main label heat seal transferring
  • Apparel refurbishing and re-folding

These allow your company to invest in speed-to-market, drive down costs, and focus on constantly improving the efficiency of your apparel supply chain — without worrying about the effect it will have on quality.

Contact one of our third party logistics specialists for more information. We’ll help you make this a happy (high-quality and hare-like) holiday season.

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