Optimizing for Voice Search Expands Your Apparel Brand’s Reach

Online businesses have always faced the challenge of keeping up with evolving SEO. While internet users continue to turn to popular search engines for their queries, many are doing so in a radically new way. Improved voice recognition technology makes it easier than ever to speak a query rather than type it up. Voice search has several unique characteristics that you must recognize and cater to, if you want to answer these tech-savvy customers' spoken questions.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

While the average text search is just two words, voice searches average seven. Conversing with their phones, people expand their search phrases to include longer and more natural phrases. Though you may just type "cowboy boots" into Google when using your computer, you're more likely to speak to Siri, Cortana, other digital assistants as though they're human. You might say, "I'm looking for new cowboy boots," "Where can I find cowboy boots?" or "What cowboy boots are on sale?"

voice search apparel retail

Retailers who want to target voice searchers need to optimize for long-tail keywords, rather than the shorter keywords they're accustomed to. Build product descriptions, blog posts, and page content that's rich with long-tail keyword phrases that are common in your industry.

Offer Valuable Answers to Common Queries

Choosing the right long-tail keywords is only the first step to optimizing your content for voice search. You need to make sure that you're offering value-packed answers to those long-tail phrases. Consider creating a series of Q&A pages or generating a helpful page of FAQs. These formats allow you to incorporate common search phrases in a natural way.

If your searchers are commonly asking "Where can I find plus-size skirts?" you can incorporate this question as a title or heading in one of the common question-and-answer formats. You should then provide detailed information on what section of your website or store caters to plus-size customers. You might also offer some tips for which skirts look best on various body types or how one can measure at home to find the right fit on a size chart.

Mark Your Locations on Maps

Approximately 40 percent of voice searchers are looking for directions. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, it's crucial that you make it as visible as possible for smartphone users who are asking for the nearest store while they're out and about. Check your locations on Google Maps and make sure they show up with the correct addresses, phone numbers, and web pages. Include your location details prominently throughout your website. If you have multiple locations, create a page for each, with detailed directions and store-specific information on sales, stock, hours, events, and more.

One of the most valuable places where you can reach your customers is while they're sitting in a parking lot asking, "Where can I buy a prom dress?" If you optimize correctly, you can make sure your store is included in the results to drive traffic right through the door.

Optimizing for voice search gives you access to a whole new audience of engaged users who are after your stock. Set up your site right to access these searchers and contact us for a free consultation on our apparel distribution and fulfillment services to help ensure your products will reach them.

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