Using 3PLs That Grow With the Market

Hiring a 3PL should make it possible for your apparel business to save money and even improve customer service. As the 3PL benefits your company, you should start to see more growth that will keep you and your 3PL busy. This anticipated growth makes it important for you to choose a 3PL that can grow with your market and make changes as the industry evolves.

Before you choose a 3PL for your apparel retail business, you must ensure it can grow with your market. Think about these features when reviewing your options. If a 3PL has them, then it can likely meet your changing needs.

Integrating With Your Business

If you have worked in retail for several years, you probably remember the days when 3PLs operated independently. They would streamline supply chains and ship deliveries for their clients, but they didn't get too involved in day-to-day operations. That has changed greatly in recent years.

Today, many 3PLs are willing to integrate with your business. By working more closely with your company, the 3PL provider has access to the data it needs to adapt quickly. Instead of calling your contact to talk about potential changes, the 3PL already has a representative overseeing the aspects of your business that affect it. In other words, the 3PL acts as a part of your business. It's impossible to overstate the importance of this feature in rapidly changing markets.

Value-added Services

Today's best 3PLs do more than just arrange shipments for their clients. They also offer services that add exceptional value to the supply chain. Some of the value-added services that can help a 3PL grow with your market include:

  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) that helps maintain a steady flow of products.
  • Barcode application that relieves your business of this time-consuming process.
  • Inspections that help ensure customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

The specific services you need will depend on your industry. In the garment industry, many retailers benefit from services such as re-ticketing, apparel packaging, and custom apparel embroidery.

Location Matters

As your industry and business evolve, you will need a 3PL that can respond to changes quickly. In most cases, it's easier for a 3PL to respond when it has a strategic location that lets it remain in contact with your retail outlets and your customers.

The Apparel Logistics Group's location in northern Texas makes it possible to deliver shipments throughout the continental United States within just a few days. Since northern Texas is located near the center of the country, trucks can respond immediately to your needs. Even when you have an unexpected situation (such as a product that suddenly becomes so popular your store sells out of it), TALG can adapt to those changes.

TALG keeps up with the latest technology and 3PL services to make sure its clients can keep pace with changes in the marketplace. Request a consultation to learn more about how TALG can grow with your specific industry while making sure you have an efficient supply chain that meets the needs of your stores and customers.

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