Get Special Treatment from a Specialized 3PL

Using a one-size-fits-all logistics solution might sound like a smart move, but it could deprive your business of the advantages that specialized third-party logistics, or 3PL, companies provide. A 3PL team that serves every industry, from electronics to food, can't claim expertise in any one area, so it can't serve its customers as effectively as a specialized provider can.

Keep Your Logistics Costs Down

Just about any 3PL service can bring down the cost of warehousing, shipping, palletizing, quality control, and other aspects of the supply chain. However, a specialized company can bring down your costs even farther thanks to its in-depth understanding of your industry.

Additionally, specialized 3PLs build their infrastructures to suit their specific niches. For instance, an apparel 3PL will build warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities that cater specifically to fashion, offering things such as garment-on-hanger handling systems that enable faster processes and improve efficiency.

Improve Quality Control

The quality control, or QA, process varies significantly from one product to another. For instance, verifying the quality of a flat-screen television doesn't involve the same steps as doing QA for a pair of pants or a dress. Simple mistakes, such as a defective seam or rip in fabric, can produce significant costs down the road, especially if the product makes it all the way to retail shelves.

A specialized 3PL structures its QA process around a specific product, such as apparel, which makes the process more precise. The company's workers know exactly how to examine garments to ensure maximum quality, which can improve brand reputation and increase market share for manufacturers.

Make Inventory Processes More Accurate

In some industries, high levels of inventory prove essential to meet market demand. In others, maintaining a big inventory can lead to big risks because unsold merchandise becomes a liability. Specialized 3PLs understand the inventory control issues for their niche markets, allowing them to advise their customers more accurately and follow best practices.

Many of the most successful specialized 3PLs offer services at all levels of the supply chain. They help their customers forecast inventory needs and use special software to compare year-over-year sales against projected revenues — knowing that apparel manufacturers depend on steadily increasing their sell-through percentages to survive.

Enhance Merchandising Effects and Appeal

Companies don't merchandize furniture the same way they merchandize clothing. Every subset of commercial products has its own set of best practices for packaging design, promoting, and other merchandising efforts. Whether it's an endcap display in a retail store or a new label for a well-known brand, specialized 3PLs know their industries and can provide more effective support.

Specialized 3PLs also monitor trends in their industries so that they can apply them in-house and improve their customers' success. If you're an apparel designer or manufacturer, you want your products to appeal to the widest possible audience, and better merchandising can create that result.

Managing your apparel line's logistical processes doesn't have to be complicated, and you don't have to do it all in house. Instead, request a free consultation with The Apparel Logistics Group so we can help streamline and improve your supply chain.

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