Let Apparel Logistics Handle Your Returns Processing

Studies show that between 8 to 9 percent of in-store purchases and 25 and 30 percent of online purchases get sent back , so it’s essential for all retailers to have a good returns processing system in place. However, complications can do and arise, which can make it difficult for business owners to recover. That’s why it makes sense to pass on the burden and let TALG handle your returns processing.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any good business model. Research suggests that improving product returns gives online retailers their best chance of improving customer satisfaction . Around 63 percent of online shoppers view a retailer’s returns policy before purchasing. Easy returns and exchange processes are of above average importance for shoppers. When they find a company that delivers this, they’re more likely to become a return shopper.

When companies attempt to manage their own returns, customers often face delays in obtaining refunds or receiving replacement stock. It’s too easy for your employees to get distracted by other duties. When you work with TALG, your returns process will be our priority, and your customers will receive the service they deserve.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

TALG has the technology to give your returns process the edge. We’ll monitor your product distribution and inventory levels in real-time, so you can effectively estimate the delivery time for replacement products and communicate this to your customers. Our technology also makes it less likely that you'll deplete your replacement stocks.

In addition, our inventory management software keeps track of the reasons your customers are returning stock, including any descriptions of clothing flaws and design defects. This information can guide you towards future design changes, such as modifying the cloth you use or the supplier of your buttons, to avoid returns in future.

Save Money

All companies must consider their bottom lines, so it’s important to note that using TALG 3PL services can actually save you money. The more time a product spends in the returns system, the more likely it is to decrease in value. Delays can occur when damaged products need to go back to the original manufacturer. But of particular concern to retailers in the apparel industry are delays when saleable products take time to return to the stockpile. Fashion is a fast-moving industry, and these delays can mean the difference between selling your goods at full price or a heavily discounted one.

TALG has a skilled workforce experienced in apparel refurbishing. This service reduces the time that your products are in transit, so they can exit the returns systems sooner and maximize their earning potential. Our in-house repairs typically cost less than those performed by manufacturers.

Our high-quality packaging will also help your goods keep their value, as they’re less likely to sustain damage on their way to your customers.

Our apparel specialists are returns processing experts, with years’ of experience handling the returns of apparel retailers throughout the United States. Managing returns can add extra pressure to any business, so it makes sense to trust TALG to handle the process for you.

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