Going Global Made Easy

 When business starts booming, sometimes there’s no stopping it. And who’s to say it isn’t a great idea to expand your market to more global audiences, in Saudi Arabia, Singapore or Hong Kong? Wherever your business is expanding, we hope Apparel Logistics Group can get you there. Here are three ways we can make going global easy.

International Transportation Management

Shipping internationally can be a concern, but not with Apparel Logistics Group. We are masters of both ocean and air transportation with plenty of experience obtaining the lowest rates for quality shipping.

Customs Clearance Management and Customs Brokerage Management

With our global experience, we’ve also learned how to deal with the different codes and regulations in every country. Rest assured that your logistics company has everything under control when you’re opening a business in a foreign location.

Foreign Trade Zone

 Many companies choose to have production outside of the United States because of the cheaper labor costs as well as the increased speed to market. However, Apparel Logistics Group allows you to bring that foreign trade zone to America, including the benefits of legal protection, cutting-edge technology, safe ports, and a highly-educated workforce.

Let us use our expertise to help your business thrive in a foreign market, while keeping down the costs from taxes and duties. It won’t be long before you will find yourself making profits and expanding even further into different foreign markets.

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