If this is your first time searching for a 3PL provider, you might feel a little overwhelmed.

Actually, whenever you look to do business with a new company, it’s scary.

They can tell you how wonderful they are until they’re blue in the face, but you really only get to know the company once you work with them. By that time, you’re committed to a contract that may not be easy, or even possible to get out of.

However, by sizing up 3PL providers based on a few key factors, you can get at least some gauge of how they’re going to be to work with before you make a commitment:

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In any industry, there’s a ton of competition, and third party logistics for apparel is no exception. When you have a good 3PL, a ton of stress is off your shoulders.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for choosing a good third party logistics provider:

  1. Know your own objectives first – Make sure you know what you want to get out of a 3PL provider. Are you looking to increase order accuracy? Do you want to reduce your own in-house logistics assets? Would you rather increase your own order fill rate? Identify your own objectives, communicate them to the 3PL provider, and regularly review the progress you make as a way of measuring the value of your relationship.
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According to a recent report by Austin-based geopolitical intelligence and analysis firm Stratfor, a monumental change in the global manufacturing landscape is underway, fueled by a "continual flow of companies leaving China, or choosing not to invest in China."

In China, Stratfor says, the issue is that the country's recent successes have been fueled by, among other factors, a low-wage manufacturing model. But wages are rising in China, and the country is attempting to shift more toward a consumption model as a result. Meanwhile, other low-wage countries have been rapidly modernizing and making the infrastructure shifts needed to attract investment from foreign manufacturers. Apparel manufacturing will still thrive in China, but there may be better places for certain companies.

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Here's a cool innovation that could help apparel companies overcome one of the few drawbacks of shopping for clothes online:

A company called Dressformer is helping pioneer what it calls "3D online fitting" — a more advanced way of making sure that shoppers get the size and fit they need, even without actually trying on what they're considering buying. According to Apparel:

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