Inside the World of Apparel Logistics

Recently, our crack video team put together a nifty little explainer film that demonstrates how our third party fashion logistics services work far more vividly than we ever could here on the apparel logistics blog.

Take a look:

The video gives you a glimpse of our headquarter offices in North Dallas (Lewisville, Texas, to be exact), including our automated apparel warehouse and foreign trade zone facility. It covers our core operations inside and out, including our methods for handling:

In the end, it comes down to speed-to-market. Simply put, apparel products have short life cycles, and rapidly changing consumer demands require quick, efficient processing. There's just no place in the modern, fast-paced apparel industry for chaotic, poorly executed apparel supply chain management. Little supply chain hitches can make even the most attractive, well-designed product rollouts unprofitable.

At The Apparel Logistics Group, everything we do is to ensure that you can get the right product to the right place at the right time — before consumer gazes shift elsewhere. Our warehouses are automated, staffed with experts and fine-tuned to receive, process, and distribute orders as quickly, flexibly, and accurately as possible. You won't find a more transparent, well-oiled system in the industry.

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