Last weekend was tax-free weekend in Texas. For three days, purchases of many back-to-school essentials such as clothes, shoes or school supplies costing less than $100 did not have Texas’ usual 8.25 percent sales tax tacked on. According to the Austin American-Statesman, the tax holiday saved shoppers some $64.8 million this weekend.

Texas, of course, isn’t the only state to stage occasional tax holidays. In total, more than 20 states scattered across America do similar events — for good reasons. Beyond helping families stretch their paychecks during tough economic times, tax-free weekend is also reliably one of the best shopping windows of the year for apparel companies and retailers.

One of the biggest challenges in fashion logistics is the way rapidly shifting consumer tastes makes it difficult for apparel companies to design, manufacture and deliver products fast enough. These days, the challenge is compounded by consumers’ increasing web-savvy that makes finding spot deals and bargains in far-flung corners of the Internet.

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As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the United States is not immune to large-scale power disruptions – as made evident by the Fourth of July power outages in the Washington DC area. Massive thunderstorms and a scorching heat wave left some 3 million homes and businesses lost power, leading to millions of dollars lost in damages. For businesses — especially apparel manufacturers and retailers — disruptive events like these highlight the importance of first-rate apparel supply chain management in order to have the apparel logistics flexibility and operational resilience to rebound quickly and continue to thrive.

But if 3 million people losing power sent powerful and damaging ripples throughout supply chains across America, what would, say, a power outage more than 200 times as large do to global manufacturing systems?

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When’s the last time you had all the day-to-day details in order — all the pieces working together smoothly — enough to stop, take a deep breath, climb to the top of "the box" and gaze outside at an unexplored future?

According to Supply Chain Management Review, it’s not happening enough for many companies:

One of the most overworked and misused phrases is "Think Out of the Box." Yes many people say it but do they mean it? If your answer is "yes I do" then the next question that needs to be asked is "Really?" If so many people are thinking out of the box then where should we look for evidence of this creativity?

There have been various noteworthy and imaginative changes made in the Supply Management world in the past few decades – automation; risk assessment and management; negotiations management; etc. [But…] if anything, upon closer observation of current Supply Management practices, one could reasonably conclude that we are going in reverse – returning to a price focus - much more tactical, rather than strategic. There’s too much confusion and clutter caused by trying to apply tools and methods independently rather than using them as the springboard to the next level.

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Recently, our crack video team put together a nifty little explainer film that demonstrates how our third party fashion logistics services work far more vividly than we ever could here on the apparel logistics blog.

Take a look:

The video gives you a glimpse of our headquarter offices in North Dallas (Hurst, Texas, to be exact), including our automated apparel warehouse and foreign trade zone facility. It covers our core operations inside and out, including our methods for handling:

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