Turn to the Cloud for Better Apparel Order Fulfillment

Cloud-based order fulfillment systems are becoming a standard choice for today's top companies. Utilizing the transparency, accessibility, and scalability of the cloud makes it easier than ever to climb to the top of your niche with a minimal investment. You no longer need a storefront, large office, or big bank of servers to run a large apparel company. Turn to the cloud, and success is easier than ever.

Transparent Tracking

Today's supply chains operate more reactively than proactively in trend-driven markets like apparel. It's important to respond quickly to this sensitive market, chasing demand and providing product quickly. In a complex supply chain comprised of materials providers, manufacturers, and partners, it's difficult to keep up with every step of the process using traditional methods.

This is where cloud management comes in. Tracking production and shipping in the cloud offers complete transparency and real-time updates. You can monitor every step of the process from start to finish. With complete end-to-end tracking, you can easily stay on top of your apparel supply chain for lightning-quick reactions to customer demand and changing trends.

Instant Accessibility

Cloud-based systems are accessible to partners across the country and around the globe. You can monitor customs clearance and foreign trade zone management, track ocean freight shipments, and coordinate globally with everyone in your production chain. Managing long supply chains is extremely difficult when you have to wait for slow updates or coordinate phone calls through time zones.

When you manage information and orders in the cloud, you can access critical information at a moment's notice no matter where you are. You and your partners have instant accessibility to essential data. Choose a 3PL partner who's equipped to operate in the cloud alongside you and you can enjoy all the benefits of this seamless coordination.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Scaling up is a major investment when you're operating in a traditional software system. Storing more data, on-boarding new suppliers, and adjusting your supply chain to accommodate a sudden influx of orders is a major job if you're housing all your systems on-site. The investment is often more than small apparel companies can manage, which causes them to miss out on growth opportunities.

When you're working in the cloud, scalability is seamless. Not only can you scale up quickly and easily, you can also scale down again when interest wanes or peak seasons pass. The apparel industry is notoriously volatile, particularly in niche areas. If you produce swimwear or outerwear, you'll have periods of intense demand interspersed with extremely slow times. The cloud makes it easier and more affordable to operate in this type of environment.

Working in the cloud is a smart solution for anyone in the apparel industry. Choose a cloud-based software solution that fits your needs, and pick an apparel 3PL company with the IT support to meet you in the cloud. If you're looking for a third-party service provider to streamline your supply chain with cloud management, request a consultation from The Apparel Logistics Group, Inc. to find out how a new partner can transform your business approach.

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