Know How Well Your 3PL Handles Apparel Reverse Logistics

The process of efficiently handling returns is known as reverse logistics. Though it's easy to see reverse logistics as an immediate loss, there are many ways that you can minimize the damage associated with a product return. When reverse logistics are handled well, you can retain your customers and minimize expenses. If you don't know how well your 3PL is dealing with reverse logistics right now, ask these questions to find out.

Does Your 3PL Have Experience With Apparel Returns?

apparel reverse logistics

Most people don't like thinking about the necessary evil of handling the apparel supply chain backward because there aren't many winners in this situation. The customer is returning a product he was dissatisfied with, your supplier has an excess item back on their hands, and the cost of packaging and shipping the product is lost.

Though you may not enjoy focusing on reverse logistics, it's important to have a streamlined process in place for those inevitable returns. Make sure you're working with a 3PL that's experienced in handling apparel returns quickly and efficiently. They should have a solid set of processes in place to deal with any item that comes back.

Is There an Inspection Process for Apparel Returns?

How does your 3PL inspect apparel items when they come back? Every return should undergo a thorough inspection to determine whether something is wrong with it. Depending on the condition of the item, you may find that you can recover, repair, refurbish, repackage, or upgrade it. Items that are no longer usable don't necessarily have to be disposals if you can recycle them.

Make sure your returns are not discarded or treated carelessly. Though there's a certain amount of inevitable loss associated with reverse logistics, you can still optimize the process for the best possible results.

Is Apparel Return Processing Well Communicated?

How well informed are you when a return comes through your apparel 3PL? It's important for your 3PL to communicate return processing every step of the way. This will allow you to issue refunds, provide outstanding customer service, and communicate with customers in a timely manner. Though returns are never ideal, you can make this process as smooth as possible for your customers. An easy return process will often encourage shoppers to continue buying from you in the hopes that they'll find a product that's a better fit the next time around.

Can You Refurbish Apparel Returns?

The ideal option for your returns is prompt refurbishment, so the entire product isn't a loss. Is your apparel 3PL provider equipped to help you handle refurbishment? How extensive are their capabilities? Are you limited to repackaging items, or can you make the necessary repairs to pieces that are damaged? Exploring your options for refurbishment will give you a good idea of how well your reverse logistics are being managed.

If you're not convinced that you're getting the best return logistics service possible from your 3PL, it may be time to consider a new company. You can receive a consultation from The Apparel Logistics Group, Inc. quickly and easily simply by filling out a handy online form.

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