Vertical Integration Within the Supply Chain

Clothing retailers that use shorter supply chains benefit from several advantages, including lower prices and the ability to respond to trends more quickly. While many third-party logistics (3PL) providers promise that they can offer shorter supply chains, a closer look shows they rely on too many independent businesses that operate without their oversight.

The Apparel Logistics Group (TALG) takes a different approach by working with WEAVE Services and Z Customization. This creates a full-spectrum supply chain that handles everything your store needs.

More Effective Services and Supply Chains From TALG

TALG shortens your business's supply chain by working with our in-house partners whenever possible. This not only makes it possible for your company to respond to consumer trends faster, but it also ensures you get the services you need. When the same 3PL oversees everything, you don't have to worry about miscommunication that can create delays.

Supply and Demand Consulting From WEAVE Services

WEAVE Services runs the consulting aspect of TALG, so you can respond to market changes as they occur. When you have a complex supply chain that makes it difficult for you to keep products on your shelves, WEAVE Services's experts can find solutions that make you more flexible and efficient.

The agency's services for on supply chain:

  • Consulting services
  • Outsourcing services
  • Capability building services

With offices in Hong Kong and New York City, WEAVE Services maintains contacts with suppliers all over the world. If your U.S.-based retail store wants to cut costs by using a materials supplier in China, WEAVE Services has the right connections to find an option that matches your needs.

Since WEAVE Services is part of the TALG family, you get the highest level of consulting services possible. The company has the real-world experience you need to make smarter decisions about your supply chain.

Apparel Services From Z Customization

Z Customization provides apparel embroidery, heat transfer, and product development services. When you want a well-made product with attractive images, Z Customization is the company you want to use. The list of clients that have used Z Customization makes this apparent. It includes:

  • Adidas
  • TaylorMade
  • Wilson
  • Titleist
  • PGA

In addition to providing quality customization services, Z Customization does much of its work right in the TALG warehouse. It's hard to imagine a way you could make this more efficient. When you need embroidery done in a hurry, but you can't accept anything less than perfect, it only makes sense to choose a company that does the job on location. You can't shorten this segment of the supply chain more than that.

If you are interested in learning more about how WEAVE Services, Z Customization, and the Apparel Logistics Group can improve your supply chain, fill out this request form for a free consultation. Within one to three days, you'll hear from one of TALG's representatives, so you can get information that pertains specifically to your business.

When you're looking for an option that gives you quality services and a shorter supply chain, you can't find a better solution than the vertical integration of these companies working together.

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