Which 3PL Services Are Right for Your Business?

Winning the logistics battle elevates the great apparel companies from the middling ones. Choosing the perfect third-party logistics (3PL) service empowers you to win the battle with your competitors by controlling the playing field. Here are five important facts about 3PL services that will aid you in achieving this goal.

Inventory Management

inventory management 3pl

The proper handling of your supply chain is your goal in apparel logistics. In order to meet your logistics goals, the 3PL must supervise your inventory to make sure that your company can fulfill all order requests. Maximized efficiency, quick response, and proper accounting procedures determine the overall success of your company’s inventory management.

A properly managed 3PL should use accurate bookkeeping methods to show the amount of available stock at a given moment. The turnaround time on the identification of this information should occur almost instantaneously. Finally, the 3PL must deliver your products with minimal inventory losses to maintain customer satisfaction as well as higher profit margins for your company. No matter the size of your company, 3PL inventory management is a must. You should request a consultation from an established expert in the field.


Few industries are as seasonal in nature as apparel. Climate changes alter the styles of the garments your customers wear. A properly functioning 3PL possesses the apparel merchandising expertise to guarantee that your inventory matches the customer needs of the coming season.

You know from experience that juggling client demands with current inventory presents numerous logistical obstacles. The best 3PLs possess vast experience in achieving these scaling goals. Their primary purpose is to negate your inventory stress. They’ll help you obtain the best goods and then promote them in a way that sells the items faster. Merchandising is also a must.


Customer Service

The allocation of orders presents several difficulties. Occasional mistakes are inevitable. When a customer has a problem, they will want to speak with someone who is skilled in the craft of satisfying the disgruntled. As an apparel professional, you may lack the requisite customer service experience to handle such matters. This is why you should consider a professional.

Think about major apparel retailers such as H&M, Zappos, and Old Navy. Whenever you have a problem with any of their products, how do you proceed? You contact a representative and explain the matter, expecting a resolution. Your customers are no different, but you probably did not start your company with the intent to handle the individual needs of your clientele. A 3PL handles these matters for you, which relieves stress and produces more desirable outcomes for your customers.



You may have a great deal of knowledge about apparel, but what do you know about transportation and delivery? How about importing and exporting? Do you own enough warehouse space to handle the bulk storage needs for an expanding business? There is a multitude of apparel distribution models, and you are unlikely to know most of them. Hire a professional to accommodate your distribution needs. Now you possess a more in-depth understanding of the importance of 3PLs. The core purpose of The Apparel Logistics Group’s logistics services is to reduce the stress felt by individual apparel business owners.

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