US Manufacturing Sees a Forecast of Growth

The economy of the US seems to be looking up as we enter 2014; manufacturing especially is expected to see serious growth due to many factors but most particularly because of:

·         The acceleration of the housing market.  This increase will further increase the demand for various building materials and will cause growth within construction manufacturing companies.

·         As the economy eases up, more people will be able to afford more expensive items, so car manufacturers in particular will see an increase in demands and profits.

·         The Affordable Care Act should have a positive effect on manufacturing of medical supplies.

·         Personal electronic devices continue to increase in demand, so there should be plenty of increase in their manufacturing.

·         And businesses are investing more which should lead to further manufacturing of many large machines and other important parts of the industry.

Each of these steps forward within the manufacturing industry will lead to increases in manufacturing and profits that will lead to a big boost in the economy.  Add this to the increases within the service industry and many other industries in the United States this year, and it becomes obvious that things are looking up for 2014.

While most industries are expected to increase by around three percent this year, high tech industries are expected to increase by as much as four percent meaning that those profits will be increasing by a large margin.  The predicted improvement in the economy will lead to an increase in jobs that will further stimulate the growth and hopefully spur the continued economic improvement well into this year and into the future.

This combination of positive predictions for the coming year is leading to very optimistic outlooks on the rest of 2014.  So buckle up and get ready for an exciting year in the manufacturing industry.

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