UPS Propane Fleet

 UPS, the US based shipping giant known for its trademark brown trucks and employee uniforms, is venturing into another color—green.  Continuing with its efforts to make their services more eco-friendly, sustainable long term, and fuel efficient, UPS has recently announced that it will invest $70 million in a new one thousand vehicle fleet of propane powered delivery trucks.

Intended for use in the rural areas of Oklahoma and Louisiana, the new fleet of propane driven trucks will save the company (and hopefully their customers) more money in the future as the cost of propane is pennies on the dollar compared with the traditional diesel fuel used throughout the majority of the UPS fleet.  In addition to the overall lower costs of propane verses diesel, with the abundant reserves of natural gas and propane that can be found within the United States UPS has cited the hometown advantage as being a primary factor in their coming switch in fuel (that advantage being increased lowers costs as the fuel can be produced within the United States instead of relying on foreign sources for diesel fuel).

With the ability to travel for two hundred miles on a full tank of propane, the new vehicles will be replacing diesel burning trucks and eliminating the need for around three and a half million gallons of diesel and/or gasoline fuel for company trucks per year.  This means that although UPS has to invest the $70 million now to convert existing trucks to propane, purchase new trucks that run on propane, and build the supporting infrastructure (namely propane filling stations at several UPS locations) the proposed savings of propane over traditional fuels means that the company will be able to make up their investment within a few short years.

But it is not only the money crunchers and customers that are happy with UPS and their innovative methods.  Environmentalists and those concerned with conservation are showering UPS with praise at the move because propane burns clean, which means that the huge black puffs of smoke rising from diesel trucks will be largely a thing of the past for rural Oklahoma and Louisiana. 

With the ability to save money on their operation costs, lower the costs of their service, and lessen their carbon footprint on the world with this thousand vehicle addition UPS has set the bar yet again in efficiency and logistics. The Apparel Group likewise specializes in making companies efficient in their logistics, so visit our website today to find out more about how we can help your business succeed.


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