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This new warehouse is an impressive building that covers 6.2 million cubic feet of warehouse space and includes 16 doc doors.  It also utilizes some of the most innovative and efficient pieces of technology in the warehouse business.  Here are some of the highlights:

·         Automated conveyers and sortation systems

·         Railex garment on hanger systems

·         Pick to light technology – This system allows warehouses to install a light system that flashes the number of garments to be picked from that specific location.  The system reads order pick tickets and relays that information to the specific pick locations.  As employees gather the garments, they press a button or scan a label at the location so the system knows the item was correctly picked. 

·         Crisplant tilt tray system – This is an innovative conveyer system that helps to convey and sort items.  Built like a chain of trays that each individually tilt automatically once the item reaches its sort destination, this system speeds the sorting process and cuts down on manpower.  See how it works here.

·         WMS controlled – The progress of each item in the facility is tracked primarily using scanners and gathers valuable real-time data can be used to track the progress of orders within the warehouse.

·         CTPAT-certified – The Apparel Logistics Group is certified with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, which is a supply-chain security group that minimizes the risk of terrorism when importing goods from international locations.  This increases safety of shipments, gives priority during CBP inspections, minimizes the number of CBP inspections, and speeds the shipment process. 

Look Inside

The Apparel Group provides an excellent visual tour of their new warehouse facility that lets you see inside their warehouse, the technology they use, the efficient practices they implement, and introduces other third-party services they offer.  Watch the video here.

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