Apparel Supply Chain Management in "The Ruthless Racket"

As we discussed a few months ago here on our apparel logistics blog, the emergence of "fast fashion" — where companies respond to shifts in fashion as quickly as possible by pumping out new product lines after new product lines — has disrupted traditional seasonal product cycles in the apparel industry. The bottom line for apparel supply chain management and fashion logistics? Apparel companies simply have to cut costs and reduce speed-to-market times to keep up. The best way to do this, of course, is by ironing out supply chain management inefficiencies.

Supply Chain Europe
, perhaps aptly calling the fashion and apparel industry a "ruthless racket," describes the challenge facing apparel companies this way:

Forecasting is trickier, fashion seasons are shorter and less predictable; it’s a non stop merry-go-round and it’s only getting faster. … In order to be able to cope with and capitalize on this consumer pressure, retailers need to pay close attention to product cycles, make accurate sales forecasts, control stock tightly and keep a rigorously fresh shop floor.

In a bid to stay ahead of their competitors, a growing band of fashion retailers have developed tighter, leaner supply chains in order to exercise greater stock control, lower lead times and cut costs. All retailers can benefit from efficient supply chains, but fashion retailers in particular can stand to profit from trimming down, owing to the rapid turnover of stock, the time-sensitive nature of the products and the short lead times associated with the competitive world of fashion.

The article lists just a few of the myriad benefits of top-flight apparel supply chain management, including:
  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Better control over inventories
  • Fewer markdowns
  • More nimble market responsiveness
  • Improve communication
  • Error reduction
  • Better overall performance against competitors

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These are just the beginning. In the breakneck modern fashion environment, such benefits are no longer luxuries confined to cream-of-the-crop industry leaders. They're necessary for survival. Fortunately, a lean, efficient supply chain is possible for companies of all shapes and sizes — with the right fashion logistics expertise and apparel 3PL support.

The Apparel Logistics Group is proud to provide apparel supply chain management solutions including production order tracking, customs clearance management, customs brokerage management, foreign trade zone management, and freight rate management. Simply put, our premier apparel supply chain management services make it easy to tighten inventory management, create end-to-end supply chain visibility and allow you to not only keep up with the accelerating pace of fashion logistics, but even stay ahead of the curve.
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