The Dallas Apparel 3PL Advantage

From sailing the high seas of ocean freight rate management to navigating the narrow straits of customs brokerage management, we simply can’t stop circling the globe in search of the most optimal distant corners for apparel supply chain management.

But it’s all anchored right here in Lewisville, smack dab in the middle of North Texas, just 20 miles from Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, halfway between America’s west and east coasts -- and easy access from just about anywhere.

Here’s the Dallas advantage:


Space is key because it allows you to handle third party logistics warehousing the right way by investing in efficiency-boosting equipment -- at lower costs. Here at our Lewisville headquarters, we’re proud to boast a massive, 158,000-square-foot facility filled with cutting-edge automated handling systems, such as conveyors, tilt-tray sortation, pick-to-light, and a garment-on-hanger rail system. Plus, land is abundant here in North Texas, making it possible for us to hold down costs and pass those savings onto our clients.

Ports, Airports and Foreign Trade Zones

Reaching us is easy, and our geographic location makes for an ideal link in your apparel supply chain. Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex features two major airports. We’re just a half-a-day away from the Port of Houston and an easy (and beautiful) day-long drive from New Orleans.

Furthermore, we’re just a short drive from a wide range of foreign trade zones (FTZs), including six in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area alone. All in all, Texas features a total of 32 FTZs, with hundreds more in the surrounding states. (Learn more about the ways you can save with FTZ management.)


Close to Market

Similarly, we’re ideally situated for reaching all of America’s largest consumer markets. We’re halfway between the string of major cities dotting the Eastern Seaboard and the booming populations on the West Coast. Plus Texas – and the rest of the American Southwest – is growing faster than anywhere else in nation. In fact, four of America's ten largest cities are now located right here in the Lone Star State.

So while we’ll never quite satisfy our wanderlust, Dallas is a fantastic place to call home. We’re thrilled to be here, so stop by. Stay a while. See how North Texas can improve your third party logistics warehousing as well.

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