The Apparel Group recently constructed a new, extremely impressive distribution center at their headquarters in North Dallas.  Utilizing modern technology, minimizing costs, and constructed at a strategic location, The Apparel Group boasts a long list of clients who enjoy fast and satisfactory fulfillment.

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 Once your business takes off, there’s no reason to do all the work yourself anymore – which is why we have third party logistics to take care of all your imports, warehousing, inventory, fulfillment, distribution, cross-docking, pick and pack, customer service, merchandising, and even accounting needs.

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The third party logistics industry continues to find success on the global market.  In part, the growth of 3PL corporations and organizations stems from a growing market of online retailers who often require third party assistance in storing, packaging, and shipping the merchandise they sell. 

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UPS, the US based shipping giant known for its trademark brown trucks and employee uniforms, is venturing into another color—green.  Continuing with its efforts to make their services more eco-friendly, sustainable long term, and fuel efficient, UPS has recently announced that it will invest $70 million in a new one thousand vehicle fleet of propane powered delivery trucks. 

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