Secrets of Organized Inventory

Don’t Make What You Can’t Sell

In order to run at maximum efficiency, you can’t afford to waste time on any inventory that isn’t going to “sell like hotcakes,” as the saying goes. Before your inventory is sold, you’ll make a sales and operations plan that will forecast how much inventory you need and how long you’ll need it for. If you’re not careful, you could easily overestimate how much to order, eventually leaving you with “non-working” capital.

Collaborate With Your Team

If you are hired to handle the inventory of any given company, it is crucial that they are aware of what you are capable of creating and distributing. There is often a misunderstanding that production teams can create anything that the sales teams invent. If a product is particularly difficult, it can have less than a 50 percent success rate to create it, leaving you with more worthless material than you will know what to do with.

However, if your production and sales teams are able to communicate with each other about what they can do, your products will be much more successful.

Recognize Mistakes
If you ever find yourself with either too much useless material or inventory that just won’t sell, it’s time to recognize that somewhere along the line someone made a mistake and that it needs to be rectified immediately.

The Apparel Group is one of the few inventory logistics groups that know how to handle and manage any situation, whether it starts in production or distribution. Work with the experts and your inventory will always be able to sell like hotcakes. 

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