Interested in Working As Part of A Supply Chain?

What is Supply Chain?

A supply chain begins with the customer, and is focused on meeting his or her needs. The number of different parties involved in filling a simple customer request may surprise you—it includes manufacturers, suppliers, transporters, warehouses, wholesalers, and retailers; all leading back to the customer.

The supply chain isn’t only about moving a physical product, either. It involves the flow of money and information, in all directions of the supply chain. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to call it a “supply web,” with the customer at the center of an Omni-Channel system.

What does supply chain include from day to day?

A person who works with supply chains helps to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. This involves things like:

·         Monitoring the amount of stock

·         Replenishing depleted stock

·         Planning deliveries and shipments

·         Tracking the arrival of shipments

·         Organizing and facilitating the ordering process

·         Overseeing packaging and distribution

Once you’ve worked your way into a management position, your job will include things like motivating employees who work under you, as well as hiring new staff.

Basic requirements to be hired in supply chain

A degree in logistics can help you secure a job in supply chain management, but it’s also possible to work your way up from a more entry-level position. These basic skills are vital to working in supply chain:

·         Planning skills

·         Ability to work unsupervised

·         Ability to lead a team

·         A good grasp of geography

·         Knowledge of how to use spreadsheets and other IT programs

·         Ability to work well under pressure

Work with The Apparel Group!

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