Excellent inventory management is a key component in outstanding and consistent operations performance within the apparel industry. With that in mind, many leading apparel manufacturers and distributors use specialized software suites known as warehouse management systems. A warehouse management system, or WMS, aids in better operational performance because it manages various processes within the supply chain, employee availability, and more. Keep reading to learn about why you need a WMS, as well as some of the advantages associated with getting one.

Reductions in Apparel Order Fulfillment Time

The apparel industry is fast-paced, especially since there are often seasonal changes that dictate the need for entirely new lines of clothing within very short time frames. Clothing retailers are keenly aware of the speedy fluctuations within the sector and may not keep doing business with apparel companies that repeatedly cannot fulfill orders quickly.

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The apparel sector is ever-changing. New styles get people excited for upcoming seasons and make them want to know more about what leading designs and brands offer. With the fast pace and constant evolution in the clothing industry, good inventory management is essential. Otherwise, customers and merchants don't get what they need on time resulting in a loss of profits. Keep reading to learn how successful management of your inventory can result in operational excellence.

Ample Space Promotes Maximum Efficiency and Reduces Accident Risk

Your space requirements will vary based on many things, such as the size and scope of your clothing line and how many people are part of your apparel inventory team. It's essential to manage your inventory in a space that is large enough. Otherwise, people can't do their tasks as quickly because they'll feel too cramped by the limited space. Furthermore, a lack of space could lead to employee accidents which could cause legal concerns for you and mean that your workforce is less effective overall until the injured person recovers fully.

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The apparel logistics life cycle is long and complex, but it has a delicate cohesiveness that makes each step essential to those before and after. Understanding each stage of the life cycle will help you see the importance of using an experienced service provider for every step of this complex process. Working with the right partner can make a dramatic difference in apparel logistics practices.

Following the Apparel Supply Chain from Start to Finish

The apparel logistics life cycle begins with design and production and progresses throughout the entire supply chain. Integrated logistics management allows you to track your product from start to finish, never losing contact with your inventory along the way. This requires smart shipment consolidation, customs clearance and brokerage management, and detailed order tracking. The apparel and fashion industry is extremely time-sensitive, so attention to detail in this stage is critical to ensure that items hit the shelves in a timely manner. [More...]
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The global financial crisis and the rise of the internet have helped shaped the modern business world. While many major retailers struggle to cope with the evolving business climate, consumers have embraced youthful new lifestyle brands like those below.

Goop: Gwyneth Paltrow's Lifestyle Brand Leads the Way

Celebrity brands are nothing new, but few have enjoyed the success of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. It launched as a weekly online newsletter focused on how readers could follow in Ms. Paltrow's footsteps and "nourish the inner aspect." Subscribers grew to trust Goop to guide them through life, so when it became a platform for selling products, people believed Ms. Paltrow was helping them rather than merely inflating her own bank balance.

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There's something so satisfying about opening a box and revealing the contents inside. It's so good that people now film their "unboxing" experiences for others to watch online. Popular unboxing videos generate millions of hits and are shared throughout social media by enthusiastic fans. While encouraging customers to participate in the unboxing phenomenon provides valuable marketing opportunities, this must be balanced with smart shipping strategies.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Sending boxes through the mail will typically cost more than sending soft plastic envelopes. Most e-commerce retailers understand this, but many don't realize the type of box they use can also impact the cost. Small variations in size can considerably influence the price you'll pay to ship your goods.

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