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Supply Chain OutsourcingHeadquartered in North Dallas, The Apparel Logistics Group is a world leader in apparel third party logistics and supply chain outsourcing. We specialize in the import, customs clearance, receipt, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution of apparel and accessories for the world's leading brands. Currently, we import and distribute one out of every six dress shirts sold in the USA. As a supply chain management consultant, our commitment to continuous improvement of the apparel supply chain through investment in research and development has given us a technological edge that guarantees the services we deliver are world-class! From flat pack goods and GOH, to every aspect of garment supply chain technology, The Apparel Logistics Group leads the way and sets the supply chain outsourcing industry standards. With more than 30 years of supply chain outsourcing experience, we understand the needs of our customers, and tailor our processes to meet those specific needs in the apparel industry. We apply the same commitment to innovation to our supply chain outsourcing solutions as to our customer compliance programs, ensuring that we deliver consistently high quality garments quickly and effectively to any market in the world.

Dedicated solely to the tradition of quality, value and service, The Apparel Logistics Group has roots in the apparel business dating back more than 80 years. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail have made us a premier supply chain management company in the apparel industry.

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The Apparel Logistics Group traces its roots back to 1919, when a man by the name of Nathan Rosenblum began to build a dream into reality and created the Enro Shirt Company (the "En" is for the "N" in Nathan and the "Ro" is from Rosenblum.) In the years that followed, our company would change hands several times, and face periods of hardship while becoming a leader in the dress shirt industry.

The first Enro dress shirt was manufactured in 1919 at 311 West Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. In its first year, Enro employed only twenty people in 22,000 square feet of working space, including a sales force consisting of Bernard and Sidney Rosenblum—two of Nathan Rosenblum's sons. Before the company could produce a second line, the bottom fell out of the cotton market.


The Rosenblum family stood to lose their newborn dream. Fortunately, these men weren't only dreamers, but marketing geniuses as well. They decided to give the public something different. Back then, shirts were sold without collars attached. They were called "neckband shirts," which was the style of that time. Enro began manufacturing shirts with collars—predominantly button-down oxford styles—and created a demand for their product in a market flooded with collarless shirts.


The dream came to life once again. In the year 1949, Enro merged with Wilson Brothers. At the time of the joining, Enro employed eight hundred people and was manufacturing more than two million garments, including dress shirts, sportshirts, and pajamas. The company Nathan Rosenblum and his sons dreamed of had become a force to be reckoned with and a name to be respected in the men's clothing industry. It's easy to wonder if Nathan knew that the idea of one man and the hard work of those first twenty employees would become what it is today—a world-class apparel supply chain management company.


The Enro Holding Corporation existed until it merged with Damon Creations in 1988. Prior to this merger in 1976 Damon creations merged with Courchevel, Ltd., Landam Apparel, and Palisades Outlet Stores. Finally, in 1990, these companies formed what is now known as The Apparel Group, Ltd.


Through its strategic alliances and pioneering of supply chain outsourcing techniques, the company now manufactures and imports from countries throughout the world and manages the import of thousands of containers each year into the U.S. Through its vast knowledge of apparel distribution and supply chain technology, The Apparel Group has become a well-known and respected supply chain management consultant across the apparel industry.


The Apparel Logistics Group Today


Since 1919, The Apparel Group has been supplying fashion goods to more 2,000 active retailers from coast to coast. The company’s formula for success is no mystery—it’s a combination of the highest standards of production, quality details, superior logistics capabilities, and cutting edge supply chain technology. This highest commitment to detail and service has defined the brand of The Apparel Logistics Group, Inc.