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apparel quality controlWhy choose The Apparel Logistics Group? We understand quality apparel, and garment quality control is ultimately a question of customer satisfaction. Good apparel quality control increases the value of a product or service, establishes the brand name, and builds up good reputation for the garment manufacturer or retailer, which, in turn, results in consumer satisfaction and higher apparel sales. The perceived quality of a garment is the result of a number of aspects that together help achieve the desired level of satisfaction for the customer. Therefore apparel quality control for garments, pre-sales service, post-sales services, delivery, and pricing are essentials for anyone in the industry.




Our approach to apparel quality control includes:

    • Apparel inspection services in accordance with all Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standards
    • Specification measuring
    • Apparel returns processing
    • Heat transferring or main label heat seal transferring
    • Apparel refurbishing/re-folding