Apparel Services

Speed to market is critical in the fashion and apparel business. Fashion products have short lifecycles, and rapidly changing consumer demands require attention to inventory management and end-to-end supply chain visibility. Apparel retailers and manufacturers require a third party logistics company with years of experience to execute this process timely and accurately. 


The Apparel Logistics Group exists to serve customers in the fashion apparel industry from manufacturer to retailer. As a leading third party logistics company, we can provide customized solutions that fit your unique apparel needs.


At The Apparel Logistics Group, we provide companies with exceptional third party logistics services (3PL) for apparel inventory warehousing, distribution, cross-docking, pick and pack, fulfillment, supply chain management, and value added services (VAS). Additionally, we offer apparel third party logistics services like customer service, EDI, ASN and other IT-related support, accounting services, and imports management for the apparel industry. See our services pages for more information about the advantages of working with a third party logistics company.


Interested in foreign trade zone (FTZ) warehouse services?  At The Apparel Logistics Group, we can demonstrate the tax advantages and cash-flow benefits of utilizing a warehouse in a foreign trade zone. 

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